Obtain a Specified Skilled Worker (Tokutei Ginou) visa and work in Japan

Our Japanese lessons are provided in your native language by long-term foreign residents living in Japan and multilingual teachers. To obtain a Specified Skilled Worker visa and work in Japan, JLPT N4 or JFT 200 (A2) or higher is required. YOU-I GROUP has been engaged in various international initiatives since 2006. We not only improve the Japanese language skills of students, but also provide total support from visa acquisition, company introduction to employment.



We provide language education. If you are interested in studying Japanese or are thinking about finding a job in Japan, please contact us using the email form. We will respond in your language.


YOU-I ACADEMY offers free trial lessons. By taking a trial lesson, you can check your Japanese level. Achieve your goal with help from a Japanese specialist.


※1 In order to work under the status of residence of Specified Skilled Worker (i) (Tokutei Ginou 1), it is necessary to take and pass a Japanese language examination and a skills examination.
※2 Participate in a company tour organized by YOU-I GROUP.

Reasons to learn Japanese at YOU-I ACADEMY

Easy-to-understand lessons in your language

Japanese lessons are provided in your native language. YOU-I helps students improve their Japanese skills using know-how cultivated over more than 10 years.

Reasonable lesson fees

Our lessons are given online. There are no joining fees or annual membership fees, so that anyone can easily access high quality Japanese lessons. The lesson fees are also reasonable.

Job hunting support

In addition to Japanese language support, we also provide complete support for obtaining a Specified Skilled Worker visa, placement within Japanese companies, various paperwork, and living support after finding employment.

Online learning - anytime, anywhere

Study Japanese from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection. Easy-to-understand remote lessons (Zoom) in your native language. We will support you to do your best.

Frequently asked questions

01 I want to reserve a free trial lesson. Are the times set in advance?

The dates and times for free trial lessons can be adjusted at any time. YOU-I ACADEMY provides completely private one-on-one Japanese lessons. You can discuss your desired date and time with the instructor and decide. Please let us know your preferred date and time when you apply for a trial lesson.

02 What do I need to take lessons?

A device that can connect to the internet (PC, smartphone or tablet)
・Recommended web browser (Google Chrome, Safari for iOS)
・Headset (built-in microphone, speakers or earphones are also OK)
・Webcam (external or built-in camera is OK. Not absolutely necessary)
We recommend using a webcam because you will feel more relaxed talking while seeing facial expressions.

03 I would like to study Japanese while working at a Japanese company. Who should I contact?

YOU-I ACADEMY supports Japanese language education for everyone. The operating company YOU-I GROUP provides all services in-house, including the acquisition of Specified Skilled Worker (Tokutei Ginou) visas, placement at Japanese companies, preparation for entering the company, and post-employment living support. YOU-I GROUP has offices in Shanghai (China), Bangkok (Thailand) and Indonesia, and provides a range of support services.


Free online trial lesson

We are always accepting applications for free online trial lessons. Please let us know your desired date using the application form.