Lecturer introduction

Teacher nameSakai Nozomi
LanguageChinese (simplified)Chinese
Profile・Native language Japanese
・HSK level 6
・Graduated from Joetsu University of Education
・Qualified teacher for elementary school, junior high school and high school
・Completed the Japanese language instructor training course at Kyoto University of Education
・Completed the medical interpreter training course at the National Center for Global Health and Medicine
Message for studentsHello! My name is Ms. Sakai.
I lived in Shanghai for 5 years. Don't worry, I will explain the parts you don't understand in Chinese. I would like to teach you about Japanese pronunciation and daily-use Japanese. I'm looking forward to studying together with you.
Teacher nameYuriko Ota
LanguageChinese (traditional)Chinese
Profile・Native language Japanese
・Graduated from the Department of Tourism at Chinese Culture University (Taiwan)
・Worked for about 7 years at a foreign airline
Message for studentsNice to meet you! My name is Yuriko Ota.
I will help you study Japanese. In class, I will mainly talk in Japanese and explain in Chinese as needed. You can also study practical business Japanese and business etiquette with me. Please feel free to join my lessons.
Let's have fun together and do our best!
Teacher nameGoda Atjawanee
Profile・Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) N2
・19 years living in Japan
・Work experience, interpretation, translation in Bangkok etc.
・Japanese language teacher for Technical Intern Trainees
・ Interpreter for slinging qualification test
・On-site interpreter for manufacturing companies
・Tutor for Technical Intern Training agricultural occupation test
Message for studentsLet's enjoy studying Japanese!
Teacher nameHikmah
ProfileI'm from Indonesia. I majored in Japanese at my university in Indonesia. I met my husband (Japanese), who was a karate volunteer at the same university. I came to Japan after marriage in 2000 and live in Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture. I have Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) N1 and passed the nursing care exam. I enjoy talking and communicating with people.
Message for studentsWhile learning Japanese, it's a good idea to also learn how to communicate in Japanese society. If you become good at Japanese, you will be able to open up more opportunities in various places. Being able to express your feelings in Japanese is very helpful. Let's have fun and do our best together.
ProfileI'm from Vietnam. I came to Japan on a family visa. I worked part-time (various jobs) while taking care of two young children, started learning Japanese directly while working, passed N2 three years later, and obtained medical interpreter level 2 qualification. I have experience in consultation, translation and interpretation for Vietnamese workers in Japan, and direct support for Specified Skilled Worker visa holders (teaching procedures, technical terms, etc.).
Message for studentsSince I started learning Japanese after coming to Japan, I fully understand the difficulties of learning the basics and daily life. I will teach you the most important practical knowledge in an easy-to-understand manner, from the perspective of a Japanese learner and job seeker. After obtaining a basic level of Japanese (JLPT N4 or equivalent), you will find many interesting aspects of the Japanese language, and you can experience a relaxing life in Japan! I'm looking forward to teaching you.