Lesson courses

JFT Basic courseJLPT N4 Course
JFT Basic 200 point passing courseJapanese Language Proficiency Test N4 passing course
Number of lessons: 10 (once a week for 3 months)Number of lessons: 10 (once a week for 3 months)
Group lessons: 10,000 yen
Private lessons: 30,000 yen
Group lessons: 10,000 yen
Private lessons: 30,000 yen

How to start

Our staff will contact you after you apply for a course on this website. After confirming the lesson content, we will organize your schedule and start your lessons.


After deciding which YOU-I ACADEMY course you want to take, please apply via the contact page.
① JFT basic course
② JLPT N4 course

Apply here


When you apply, the YOU-I ACADEMY staff will inform you of the payment method. We use the Square payment system, and you can pay by credit card.


The instructor will inform you of the course content and schedule, according to your chosen course. It is possible to consult with the students and adjust the content and schedule, so please feel free to contact us.

Start lessons

The instructor will the schedule is decided, we will start online lessons using Zoom. Please check your internet and Zoom connections in advance. Learning a langauge is a step-by-step process and takes time. YOU-I ACADEMY not only teaches you Japanese using your native language, but we also want to become your partner who watches over and supports your learning growth.