What you can do at YOU-I ACADEMY

YOU-I ACADEMY is an online Japanese language education provider run by the YOU-I GROUP international exchange organization, based in Ishikawa Prefecture. Long-term foreign residents living in Japan and multilingual teachers provide Japanese lessons in your native language (English, Chinese, Indonesian, Thai, Vietnamese, etc.). In addition to helping everyone improve their Japanese skills, we provide total support starting from acquiring a Specified Skilled Worker (Tokutei Ginou) visa, obtaining visas suitable for particular jobs, company introductions, to employment support.

Please contact us if any of the following apply to you

  • You want to obtain a score of 200+ in JFT-Basic
  • You want to obtain level N4 or better in the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT)
  • You want to obtain a Specified Skilled Worker visa (Tokutei Ginou) (*1)
  • You want to know more about the nursing care skills examination
  • You want to join a company tour organized by YOU-I GROUP
  • You want to get a job in Japan with a Specified Skilled Worker visa (Tokutei Ginou)
  • You want to switch from a technical intern training visa to a Specified Skilled Worker visa (Tokutei Ginou)

※1 Specified Skilled Worker visa (Tokutei Ginou) website (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) *18 Languages supported

Things needed to get a job in Japan

The Specified Skilled Worker (Tokutei Ginou) is a new status of residence that was established in April 2019. If you acquire Specified Skilled Worker (i), you can work in Japan for up to 5 years. In order to obtain a Specified Skilled Worker visa, it is necessary to pass the prescribed Japanese Language examination and skills examination for each industrial field.

Decide the area you want to work in

The industries accepting foreign workers through the Specified Skilled Worker (i) visa are the 14 industries listed below. First, decide on your desired field. To get a job in a profession that suits you, it's important to understand the industries and the work that you will actually do as a Specified Skilled Worker. (Nursing care, building cleaning, machine parts & tooling, industrial machinery manufacturing, electrical & electronic information, construction, shipbuilding & ship machinery, automobile repair & maintenance, aviation, accommodation, agriculture, fishery & aquaculture, food and drink manufacturing, food service)

Confirm the industry requirements in advance

Examination and permission requirements vary depending on the type of industry, such as nursing care, building cleaning, accommodation, and agriculture. We recommend that you check the information for your desired industry in advance.

Confirm the Japanese language requirement

One of the conditions for obtaining a Specified Skilled Worker visa is to certify your daily life Japanese proficiency through an examination. A score of 200 or more in the Japan Foundation Test for Basic Japanese (JFT-Basic) or N4 or higher in the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) is the most important requirement. You can learn Japanese and various knowledge about Japan at YOU-I ACADEMY.

Japan Foundation Test for Basic Japanese (JFT-Basic) website (The Japan Foundation)
Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) website (Japan Educational Exchanges and Services)

A place where you can enjoy tradition and modernity together

Enjoy the history and culture of various areas, including Higashi Chaya District and Kanazawa Castle, where you can travel back in time 100 years. Since the opening of the Shinkansen bullet train in 2015, Kanazawa has become very popular as a tourist destination for both Japanese and visitors from outside Japan.

Ishikawa Prefecture sightseeing information (Official Ishikawa Travel Guide)
Kanazawa City Tourist Information (Visit Kanazawa)

Ishikawa is overflowing with nature: from the mountains to the sea

Ishikawa Prefecture is surrounded by the sea, so the sushi and sashimi are very delicious. At 2702m, Mt. Haku allows you to fully enjoy the snow, cherry blossoms, and autumn colours. Come and enjoy the beautiful scenery created by the rich natural environment!

Attractive companies and industries

The Hokuriku Shinkansen bullet train opened in 2015, providing a large boost to tourism and business exchanges. Ishikawa Prefecture has attractive companies and industries such as global manufacturing companies, top niche companies, the tourism industry, agriculture, forestry and fisheries, and nursing care and welfare.

Top class ease-of-living

Nonoichi City is No. 1 in Japan in the easy living ranking. Six cities in Ishikawa Prefecture are ranked in the top 50. In addition, in the happiness ranking, which ranks the happiness of each prefecture using 40 indicators such as living, work, safety and medical care, is No. 3 in all of Japan!

World-class food, nature and culture

Ishikawa Prefecture offers a lot of delicious foods thanks to the seasonal ingredients grown in its rich natural environment, and the food culture cultivated in the tradition of the castle town of Kanazawa. The Prefecture stretches from north to south, and because it has both seas and mountains, its diverse topography allows you to enjoy various outdoor activities in each season. You can enjoy mountain hiking, barbecues and fishing in the summer, and skiing and snowboarding in the winter.